The Gallery - Room Two


Room Two

Location photography with a strong emphasis on 'Cosplay'. While the majority of the images are of a fantasy or science fiction theme, the skills demonstrated, including the ability to work with others and on location, can be used within all forms of the fashion and marketing industries.

Other images that you will see on display are surrealist, including toy photography.  Surrealism has many uses, from product photography for advertising, to interesting displays for all ages which can grab the attention of young children whilst introducing them to art.

My philosophy is that art should be for all, all ages, all classes.






1. An image of Sheffield portrayed as a futuristic, post-apocalyptic world. 

2 & 3. These images are currently being updated within this gallery, please feel free to visit again soon.

4. 'iRock'. Playing on the possibility of the moon landings having been faked, I decided to create an imaginary lunar surface and re-create that memorable moment that was immortalised in early TV broadcasts. The lack of a closed helmet is one telltale sign that they are not where they are supposed to be.  This was linked to a fascination with technology, and also other conspiracy theories like the idea of time travel.

5. This image is currently being replaced, please feel free to visit this gallery again soon where a new image will be digitally hung for your viewing pleasure.






6.  'One Wrong Step!'  A continuation of the lego moonlanding series, we utilise the nude female form to provide a semi-natural landscape to replicate an interpretation of, and play on the possibility of a 'fake' lunar landing.

High use of contrast and clarity was taken into consideration with the use of bold, vibrant colours. Inspiration was taken from Alan Teger's Bodyscapes series in which the female form becomes the landscape and small world objects become the inhabitants.

The backdrop was a printed out image placed behind the model, and yet again the visors are left partially open to disrupt the possible reality of being in an Oxygen free environment.

7. This image is currently being replaced. Please don't hesitate to visit again soon.

8.  'Micro Crash'.  A constructed image utilising small world objects, such as these Micro Machines, to replicate a crash following an illegal race. Practising with my editing skills in Photoshop, I added realistic flames and lights.

9. 'R.I.P Karl'. An image featuring a LEGO minifigure that I had used on many small world photoshoots for a book that I had considered making.  During one of my last shoots, the minifigure was last seen falling over the edge of a waterfall never to be seen again. He had previously been named Karl in jest.

10. A high clarity, high contrast image that was part of a Star Wars themed photoshoot.  Editing was done in Photoshop for experimental purposes with good end results.






11. 'Rey'. A continuation of the Star Wars shoot in monochromatic tones featuring subtle editing and a more natural aesthetic.

12. 'Luke'. A further image from the same photoshoot.

13. This image is currently being replaced so please visit again soon.

14. 'Untitled.

15. 'D-Day'.  June 6th 2014, a recreation of the Normandy landing on its 70th anniversary.






16. 'Fallen', A semi homoerotic surreal image, partly inspired by the works of Robert Mapplethorpe.

This is one of a series of images created oyr of curiosity, interest and a need to address body positive issues whilst remaining anonymouse at the same time,

17. 'Untitled'

18, 'Kraken Koffee'. Whilst refining my photoshop skills, I worked on found imagery to create a surreal scene. I started with a branded image that had a flask pouring coffee, I removed the flasks branding and carefully replaced the pored coffee with water, adding splashes to the cup and large tenticles, my next step was to ass a gallion on a voyage to its doom.

19. 'Butternut Dead!' A playful surreal image, constructed for amusement and nothing else. Remeniscent of the boardgame Cluedo.

20. Paying homage to Dr Who, An imaginery scene is created as though it is in preparation for the filming of an episode. Allowing some of the backdrop to fall out of place gives rise to the ability to create a form of Metafiction, thus allowing ones self to inform the viewer that what they are seing is a fictishous construction, the idea came from the many episodes where boom mics, wires and other un-natural objects, non relating to they scene or story being depicted are accidentally on show, or fall into the scene momentarily.